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Since early 2020, we’ve all witnessed an onslaught of courses in the beauty industry move to an online platform. During 2020, we seemed to have a bit more time on our hands and we looked to the internet to not only entertain, but educate us. Many have asked, “Are these courses sufficient education? Will it be the same quality as in-person? Is it worth the money?” Well, it depends on the course objectives and outcomes, the creator’s credentials along with their support team and platforms used.

The ability to study anywhere, anytime on any device seems to have taken the forefront of our education these days – however this isn’t new to some beauty educators. Some educators have been online for a dozen or more years!

Online learning isn’t for everyone. While some favor in-person learning, for a variety of reasons they may not have the option to attend in person classes.

• They may have a full-time job and cannot quit to attend school
• Perhaps they are a busy mom and must have flexibility in their schedule
• They may live hours away from the closest school
• A disability may prevent them attending a traditional school

Yet, there are reasons they long to learn a trade in the beauty industry – but must find what works for them, and their unique situation:
• a new mom may not want to go back to their old job
• perhaps they are facing cutbacks at work and need a career they can roll into
• they require another source of income
• restricted income – they cannot pay for the entire course upfront

For those wanting to learn a trade in the beauty industry, these issues existed long before 2020, and they will continue for years to come. While there is a plethora of choices for beauty education online, how do you choose the best online beauty courses?

In looking at all your options for online beauty courses, there are several things to consider.

First and foremost, look for uniquely flexible ‘learn at home’ classes. Then, consider the course creator and their history in the beauty industry along with their relatable experience. Are they certified in their area of education as an Esthetician/Spa Therapist, Eyelash and Nail Technician? Are they qualified to be an instructor of adult education? Basically, do they ‘walk the talk’?

In order to take control of your future, transform your life, and learn a new trade so you can create a life you desire, you might consider your online education with some of the following questions:

• Does the course come from a designated learning institution?
• Does the course you’re considering have Continuous Enrolment and flexibility that suits your schedule?
• Does the course have access to one-on-one private tutoring?
• Does the course creator have credibility in the beauty industry?
• Are there multiple areas of study offered?
• How is the course delivered? Step by step practical video training as well as theory?
• Upon successful completion of the course will you receive a Diploma and official transcripts?
• Will my successful completion of the course permit me to obtain liability insurance?
• Will my successful completion of the course permit me to purchase ‘pro only’ products from all distributors?

Regarding the financial considerations of online learning:
• Is the tuition tax deductible?
• In Canada, are RESP accepted?
• Are there financial assistance programs available?
• Do they have interest free payment plans?

While there are many beauty courses and programs available, it’s important to consider the above to maximize your experience (and money) to obtain the most comprehensive beauty education available online.
Top Notch Education = Top Notch Skills

The online world is the perfect platform for beauty education. Choosing a trusted, recognized, established school that will be there for you through your program providing you with the guidance and ultimately the credentials you need to be successful in the beauty industry.

There are beauty courses online are not a new concept. Provided the program you’re considering checks all the boxes of what you require – they will provide the experience and skills to teach you everything you need to know. Ask the questions and ensure that the program you choose is best suited to your long-term goals in creating confidence, success, fulfillment and financial stability for many years to come.

If you are thinking about a career in the beauty industry and want to know if it’s ‘right for you’, sign up for your free e-book From Setback to Success: Is a Career in the Beauty Your Answer to Safety, Sustainability and Job Security? written by Mirage Spa Education Inc director, Cheryl Thibault.


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