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Mirage Spa Education was founded in 2005 by Cheryl Thibault in Victoria, BC. In its early years, Mirage was as a traditional Esthetic / Spa Therapy and Nail Tech School. However, Cheryl quickly recognized that many individuals, who dreamed of becoming beauty professionals, found it impossible to attend a regular full-time, or even part-time school program due to various circumstances.

Challenges mentioned were:

  • I have a full-time job and cannot quit to attend school
  • I am a busy mom and must have flexibility in my schedule
  • I live hours away from the closest school
  • I am disabled and cannot attend a school

Other issues mentioned:

  • I’m a new mom and don’t want to have to go back to my old job
  • I am facing cutbacks at work and need a career I can roll into after the cuts
  • I need another source of income
  • I am on a restricted income and cannot pay for the entire course upfront

Recognizing these individual challenges and needs, Cheryl set out to develop the Mirage Spa Education online course, and soon began teaching 100% online education – the FIRST of its kind in Canada. When you graduate from Mirage Spa Education, you will be confident in your abilities and able to clearly demonstrate your skills to the world.

Top Notch Education = Top Notch Skills

NOTE: Having taught students around the globe, Mirage Spa asks that you check your local governing body to find what the requirements would be.


Cheryl Thibault: CEO and Director, Global Educator

The visionary behind Mirage Spa Education Inc.! Visit Cheryl’s personal website to find out all about Cheryl and subscribe to her free e-book to help guide you in your decision to enter this amazing world of beauty!  She is an author, mentor and podcast host as well, so be sure to tune into these platforms to be inspired!


Rita Mackenzie: International Intake Coordinator

If you fill out the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Register Now’ forms from our website, Rita gets them! She will answer your questions and assist with your registration process. Rita deals with Student Aid and other funders and can help with documentation needed for these organizations (course costs, etc.). She will ask for all the necessary information to get you officially enrolled in the course of your choice and ensure you have signed an official Student Agreement!

Reach Rita at:

Allison Barlow: Student Administrative Coordinator and Director of Operations

Once you have officially enrolled and have a Student Agreement signed, Allison will onboard you and move you along in your course. She will process your agreed upon payments and coordinate with Student Aid and other funders to ensure approved funds are disbursed so you can get started! Allison will also ensure you are staying on track in your course and will help address any issues or concerns you may have as you move along in the study platforms.

Reach Allison at:

Shannon Smiley: Graduates Coordinator

Shannon will be advised when you are ready to write your final exam and schedule a time best for you. When she gets notification that you have passed your final exams, she ensures all loose ends are tied up before she prepares your official transcripts and Diplomas for email and mail out.

Reach Shannon at:
students@miragespaeducation.ca (ask for Shannon!)


Want to reach someone personally?  Call 1-833-883-4443 and choose the appropriate extension.


Cheryl Thibault is the Founder/Head Instructor/Owner/and Visionary for Mirage Spa Education. Growing up in Regina, Saskatchewan, Cheryl has always had a passion for the spa and esthetics industry, and in 1981 she graduated, with honors in cosmetology in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Cheryl is a Certified Esthetician/Spa Therapist, Eyelash and Nail Technician, as well as a qualified Instructor of adult education. She is also the creator and owner of ‘Spa One,’ Professional Nail, Skin Care and Make up Products.

Obtaining her certification in adult education through the NACC, Cheryl is fully qualified to offer and teach a variety of courses within the beauty industry. After having owned and operated a private trade school in Regina, she has been teaching esthetics and nail technology since 1983. Eventually she relocated to Victoria, BC, where she founded Mirage Spa Education Canada – offering her renowned online and distance global education program.

While Cheryl possesses many credentials in a variety of areas within the industry, she has also written and holds copyrights on several training manuals related to health, beauty and fitness. She has been featured in “Starting a Business in Saskatchewan” (a book produced by the Government of Saskatchewan) and featured on the television program, “Making Your Dreams Come True.”

Cheryl genuinely cares about the success of each and every one of her students, and she is proud to provide the highest quality of education and support to them through the Mirage Spa Education Program.


To develop a community of beauty professionals who achieve a higher personal purpose, and create a positive difference in the lives of others. And in so doing, not only help those people visualize their dream and achieve their higher purpose, but also improve all industry standards, as well as the public’s perception of this very rewarding career path.


“I strongly believe in the spirit of reciprocity. For as much as you are given you must return the same to the world trusting that it will, in turn, help someone else; knowing they will continue to bring the spirit of goodness full-circle. Understanding that our path and contribution is important, and knowing that we can create anything that we envision, gives us the ability to live a rewarding and fulfilling life, while creating abundance. This is a gift that can be taught and passed on.

My mission and vision for the future is what has inspired me to commit my career path to sharing my expertise, and passing my extensive knowledge of the cosmetology industry onto my students. I love to inspire and encourage my students to awaken their greater potential and gain confidence in their abilities. As well, learn to love, value and honor their work, while learning to create income.

My goal is to create a positive difference in the lives of others, not only by helping them visualize their dreams, but also by positively affecting the industry standards, and society’s perception of this incredibly rewarding career.”

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