Eyelash Extension Course

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Get on board with the industry’s most exciting and profitable new service!

In 2004, the Eyelash Extensions were introduced to the American market and have swept through the beauty industry ever since.

Become a certified eyelash extension specialist and you can instantly double your income by simply adding Eyelash Extensions to your array of existing services!

The Eyelash Extensions product offers you a way to provide beautiful, longer, thicker, fuller lashes that can last up to 2 months!

Eyelash Extension Course


JB Lashes superior quality makes all the difference in the wearer’s appearance. Thick, beautifully curled, JB lashes are completely safe. JB has a Health Canada number for the adhesive proving it safe to the wearer. Just like real lashes, JB lashes are resistant to water, heat, pool chlorine, and perspiration.

Advanced classes available for more dramatic looks

Theory in Eyelashes and application
Practical application of Lashes to mannequin head and live models

Eyelash Extension Course

How many services can I get from the training kit ?

Each unit lash tray has an average of 3000 count lashes, depending upon the specific size.

The round/loose lashes are an estimated 1g per bag size.

The number of services a large training kit will be able to do depends upon the item within the kit.  The adhesive bottle is a 100 drop or 10mL size bottle. Therefore an average of the usage of adhesive and lashes has about 30-50 services per kit.  However, if you use less lashes or adhesive per client, or mainly perform more refills than full sets, you could potentially calculate 100 or more services per kit.

Requirements: This is an online course; you need Internet access. Contact us for a list of hands on courses in your area.


Price: $1375.00

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