Brenda Johnstone, Mirage Spa Education Inc. Graduate:


It all started with my 12 year old daughter being a nail biter. She was going into grade 7 and wanted to stop biting and have beautiful nails. I started out buying DYI products and watching YouTube tutorials trying to help her stop the habit. After about 6 months of DYI nails, I started to love the artistic side of nail enhancements. I decided that being a Nail Technician would be a great “sliding into retirement” career. At the time I was working full time at a Long Term Care facility as a Health Care Assistant. So, I started looking into schooling for Nail Technician.

I lived in a small town in the Interior of British Columbia and the nearest vocational school that taught the Nail Technician course was a 2 hour drive away. There was another option as well, to take a 1 on 1 course with a Nail Technician Educator in a town 1 hour away. I considered this as it was only 5 days that I would have to commute but when I found out that I could only purchase that Manufacturer’s professional products.  I was confused. So, that is when I found out that to be able to purchase many professional Nail products, I would have to have an accredited education in Nail Technology which (at that time) was only taught at colleges in British Columbia.

I learned that product manufacturers required distribution companies to only sell their products to licensed or accredited educated Nail Technicians with 420hr course of theory. At the time some manufacturers had their own education for their products specifically and students could purchase their products when completing their 5 day course. I found out that in 2003 the British Columbia government de-regulated many beauty professionals including Nail Technicians so anyone could say they were trained properly and not be held accountable if they harmed a client. That really concerned me and I felt that I needed a thorough education to understand all nail procedures and products rather than just one brand, I did not want to be held liable.

I needed an online platform as I could not leave my job to do full time school and I found Mirage Spa Education. I signed up immediately and started the first module of Fully Qualified Nail Technician in January of 2019. I loved the fact that I could pay by module or get financing and write off my tuition as it is accredited education. If British Columbia brought back regulations I would be considered a Licensed Nail Technician and that means a lot to me that I have the proper training and education to succeed.


“I loved the fact that I could pay by module or get financing and write off my tuition as it is accredited education”


As a Nail Technician I get close up and personal with clients using tools and chemicals that could potentially harm a person if not used properly. I wouldn’t want a dentist working on me without proper education and training on all products they use. This is why I chose an accredited education through Mirage Spa Education.

The on-line theory was very thorough and based on the Milady’s Nail Technology text book. I received the same theory education on-line through Mirage Education as I would have if I had attended a 1 year full time in person course at college…..for 1/3 or more of the cost! All of my assignments were done on a nail trainer hand and sent in via the mail. Then over video they graded and critiqued my assignments and told me where I went wrong and how to improve. They answered all my questions over email within 1 day, sometimes within hours. I felt this was the best education as they were so organized and helpful at every step of my education journey with them.

I graduated on March 17, 2020 and started a home based Salon part time while working full time in Long Term Care. In October of 2021 I was fired from Interior Health due to restrictive policies put in place at that time.

I had the opportunity to take a Certified Master Pedicurist course through North American School of Pedology in April of 2022 and so glad I did. When I worked with elderly persons in healthcare I saw so many persons with mobility issues due to years of bad toenail and foot care maintenance. I love Pedicures and I am happy that I have the best education to help persons with circulatory issues, diabetes and toenail problems to help maintain pain free mobility and also make them beautiful cosmetically.

So, we had to sell our home, vehicles and many personal possessions and move to a new community after our financial situation got dire after losing my job in healthcare. This is where I am now with a home based Salon and loving my new community. I believe that things happen for a reason and now I am doing what I love, living life how it want and making my own hours…..STRESS FREE! I have come to the conclusion that this was truly meant to be…..Even if it was a quick change….it was the right change.


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