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With technology changing constantly, we have paid attention to this and are on the cutting edge of new modes of education. We are very proud to bring to you our ONLINE courses. This approach to teaching is quite unique in the Spa industry. Not only will you learn everything that is taught in the School environment, but you will learn in the comfort of your home or office (learn from home). There is no longer the need to “attend” regular “set” classes. Which will save you time and money, as you now have the convenience of “attending” when it meets your already demanding schedule.

As well, you no longer have the added expenses which come with attending conventional schools (examples; babysitter, parking, gas) as well as all the other expenses associated with “traditional” teaching methods. We have enjoyed great success in teaching our online courses, and have graduated many satisfied students. You will receive a DIPLOMA upon successful completion of all our courses.

Study From Home

What is a “learn from home” Nail Tech Course?
While the industry products have advanced, so have the tools available for teaching. Before you had to have a model sit for hours while you practiced, we now have state of the art model hands that look and move just like a human hand for you to learn on. Instead of a school that you have to go to daily, we have the internet. How can it get more convenient than that?

If you take away the need for a live model, take away the school building and replace them with a model hand and an online course and you have our online nail tech course.

We have spent the last few years developing our courses to offer you the best training possible.

We provide you with a training hand and the products needed. All you need is a table and a computer.

Can anyone learn from home?
This course lends itself perfectly to single moms, stay at home parents, students who can’t get to a school in their area, full time employees who cannot quit work to attend school and anyone wanting to take a course in their free time, be it evenings or weekends.

While very convenient, the “online” method of teaching isn’t for everyone, (although many find it to be “their solution” to acquiring their education), you will need to possess a strong sense of self-discipline and determination, as learning now depends on YOU.


When can I start?
Unlike traditional schools, colleges or universities, there are no terms, semesters, or specified intake dates for our uniquely flexible at home learn classes. Our system of continuous enrollment means that you can enroll on any day at any time of the year. This allows you the freedom to plan your studies to fit into your lifestyle.

What are you waiting for?

Let me help you get started in your new career.

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