What students say about our Mirage Spa Education Canada

Tiffany L. – Courtenay BC – October, 2015

I loved the speed I could finish the course, and the amount of great products that are easy to use instead of having to supply your own.

Danielle C. – Grand Forks BC – October, 2015

I like that the course covered everything I needed to learn.

Lindsay S. – Cold Lake Alberta – September, 2015

Theory was well taught, application techniques were shown in an easy to achieve manner, all tools that were provided where good quality. I really enjoyed this course and really appreciate all the extra help that went in to ensuring I completed it. Thank you so much. The videos were extremely helpful and well made. They answered my questions I would have had so I really liked that aspect of the course. Instruction was great.

Chelsey B. – Cold Lake Alberta – September, 2015

The strong points of this course for me were the business section, and the practical assignments. This was a perfect course, I cannot think of anything that would make it better. I absolutely loved this online course, thank you!

Judy N – Courtenay BC – August, 2015

I think the strongest points of this course is sending in the nail tips for hands on observation and video reply explanations. I was thrilled with getting the video feed back from instructor. I think that is handled perfectly and it is a big thing I push when telling others about this online course. Thank you very much for a great experience. I look forward to my new adventure and make it a point ?

Dallas H. – Westbank BC – August, 2015

The videos were exceptionally well done and explained and demonstrated all of the knowledge that you had previously learned very well. I loved the amazing way she handled constructive criticism, she made me want to learn and correct what I was weak at. Thank you everyone!!!!

Claudia K. – Sparwood BC – July, 2015

Everyone was very helpful. I had difficulties to finance it all and I was late with finishing the course, but I got a lot of understanding and you guys helped me with patience. Thanks a lot Janet and everyone else.

Angie M. – Shellbrook Saskatchewan – June, 2015

As much emphasis on proper disinfection and safety as on actual technique. I loved to be able to work at my own pace and not be dependent on live models.

Myrisa K. – Kipling Saskatchewan – May, 2015

Having the instructor be able to answer any of my questions right away. I told a friend of mine about this course and she actually just enrolled about a month ago

Victoria M. – Edmonton Alberta – May, 2015

Everything was well explained and when I had any questions they were answered quickly and were very helpful

Coreen D. – Rocky Mountain Alberta – May, 2015

I truly enjoyed everything about this course, very educational … Thank you

Ashlinne O’H-R. – Edmonton Alberta – April, 2015

I liked that if I ever had any questions, I knew I had the support needed to figure it out.

Melanie S. – Labrador City NL – March, 2015

Online accessibility is very convenient, instructor was very helpful and friendly. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot overall I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I felt the grading videos were very informative to let me know what I was doing right and where I needed improvement.

Barbara P. – Chase BC – March, 2015

I enjoyed it all, I can’t pin point just one part that was strong everything was amazing. I loved how much I learned and the skills I now have from this course, and the confidence I have gained from it.

Coral P. – Campbell River BC – March, 2015

I liked how it covered everything I was wanting it to

Karie K. – Lac La Biche Alberta – March, 2015

Cheryl and Janet are both wonderful people I’m glad I had the pleasure doing this course with them and all the help they offered me.

Annette W. – Chetwynd Alberta – February, 2015

I loved being able to do my course online I’m a mother of 3. Loved the fact of being able to pay for each module as I went. Loved having the videos to see what Cheryl was doing, I found the teachers very helpful in answering my questions and all the encouragement when I was being hard on myself. I really loved that I got the videos of my nails to I could see what was needed to improve my work. Just want to thank all the ladies Susan, Janet and Cheryl for making it possible for me to have a career where I can make money and take care of children from home. You don’t know how much you ladies have done for my family, so thank you.

Valerie V. – Victoria BC – February, 2015

Everything. The instructor was there for me. And understood all of my needs and questions. She went above and beyond for me.

Lori G. – Deer Lake NL – December, 2014

Would like to thank you all for giving me the chance to do this course while staying in the comfort of my own home and on my time .Could not have reached this goal without all of your help . Thank you once again.

Michelle C. – Prince Rupert BC – December, 2014

Thank you! This was a fun course. I had trouble staying on task with my two jobs and 5 kids but your reminders were very helpful to get me going again.

Marnie S. – December, 2014

I only have to say that I feel I have finally found what I was meant to do.

Jamie S. – Rocky Mountain Alberta – December, 2014

Everything was awesome! The instructors are amazing and very patient! Very friendly and honest! I will and would highly recommend this course!

Danielle S. – Burnaby BC – July, 2014

Everything – this course exceeded my expectations. I did not know how I would be able to take such a course and work full time and Mirage allowed me to do both. The instructor was very understanding and caring!

Sally W. – Peace River Alberta – May, 2014

The content was excellent. I felt that it really prepared me not just for doing nails, but also for the many things to consider when running a nail salon. I like the fact that I could do the course by distance and that it was so comprehensive in content. Any questions that I had were answered in a timely manner, the instruction was really good, and after completing each module, I felt like I had a really firm handle on it. It literally covered everything that I needed to know. I just want to thank Mirage Spa Education Canada for making this program available!! It has literally changed my life and made it possible to be my own boss and completely LOVE what I am doing!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Kelsey P. – Prince George BC – April, 2014

Susan was a TREMENDOUS help with all questions I sent to her. Everything was answered promptly and with great attention to detail that really helped when I went back to look over my completed work. Janet was fantastic and always helpful/prompt with any questions I had. Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful experience!!! You’ve given me the tools, knowledge and confidence to begin my career, and I’m so grateful for all your help.

Karen E. – Pitt Meadows BC April, 2014

The hand and removable nails has been excellent. This has allowed me to practice as much as I want. I think this is something I will continue to make use of for years. I also really found the videos to be great, I watched them many times throughout the course. Very easy to understand how to do things when you have them to watch over & over again as many times as necessary. I liked the videos and being able to work at my own pace. In the class room, I would likely have been asking the same questions over and over. Being able to just watch the videos as many times as I pleased, likely saved me some embarrassment. All in all, I felt the whole course was laid out in a way that was very conducive to learning. This has been a wonderful experience. I wish more people knew about this school and the way it is laid out. I get the craziest looks when I say I’m taking it on line. However, I will continue to spread the word. The clients I’ve done so far are delighted in my work, and I credit this with being able to practice as much as I want when I want! So, thank you so much! Doing nails has been my dream since… well forever!

Nicole E. – Cold Lake Alberta – April, 2014

I feel that the strong points in this course was how they went into great detail about the infections and disease you have to watch out for. As a nail technician it is really important to keep your client happy and healthy, so they always come back. As well as they showed in nice easy steps to properly apply the nail enhancements in a way I can comprehend. Which in return will also keep client happy and coming back. Overall this course has taught me a great deal about how to be a respectable nail technician. I love how I could do the course at my pace and the information I received was phenomenal. The teacher was more than what I could ask for was there when I needed help, as well she was so pleasant to talk to which was just perfect for me! Keep up the great work ladies. You all do awesome at what you teach Thank you so much for all you have taught me. I am so happy that I chose your course : )

Jennifer B. – Nanaimo BC – March, 2014

Being prepared with all the supplies needed to get the job done right. Knowing how to store & take care of products. Make each nail the same in size etc.

Alison F. – Black Creek BC – March, 2014

  1. Being able to work online at my own pace was the only way I could have had the opportunity to learn this skill.
  2. Video interaction with the practical assignments was extremely helpful.
  3. Being able to call or email anytime and have a prompt reply.
  4. Being listened to, and heard.
  5. Quality supplies to work with.
  6. Friendly approachable team of instructors.

I loved the chance to be allowed to be creative and gain confidence.

Cheryl was very natural and warm in her presentation of material (even taking time to watch the wildlife from her window) Your great at teaching, very relaxed. This has been a great learning experience for me in many ways. I would love to learn with Cheryl again. I think you have a great hard working team at Mirage Spa and I appreciate the help and support I have had during this learning time. Thank you.

Tiffany C. – 150 Mile House BC – February, 2014

The best aspect for me about this course was I was able to work at my own speed. I was able to be at home with my child and working while I finished this course. Overall I really enjoyed the course, i learned a great deal and I am excited to continue learning.

Debra S. – Agassiz BC – January, 2014

The strong point of this course was the fact that I could take it on-line and keep my full time job while completing it.

Natalie C. – Wainwright Alberta – January, 2014

The teacher and her assistants were ALL AMAZING!!! All my questions were always answered and if I needed something, wait time was very minimal!!! I am very impressed with the course and the teacher!!! I would like to thank you so much for everything!! You have helped me make a dream become reality!!! I’ve always loved nails and get mine done regularly!!! My very first client went back to her friends and they could not believe that her set was my first set ever!!! I was really impressed with the comments she received!!!

I could not get over the material we needed to learn from chemistry to anatomy!!! Loved it!!! Learned so much!!!!

Trish C – Kingston Ont. – December, 2013

I was really impressed with this course and it’s material. I felt like I was in a real classroom only I didn’t have others sitting beside me… great course.

Kathleen U. – Cranbrook BC – December, 2013

Practical assignments were very in depth and challenging. Helped me to understand more of what I was learning by letting me do it myself.

Nicole I. – Trail BC – September, 2013

Step by step instructions with assignments, course taught more than just nail technique but overall life skills as well.

Jackie L. – Sussex NB – July, 2013

The evaluation of practical assignments was really great, they always were able to show strong and weak points. I loved the evaluations, I had some issues with the acrylic and they really showed me what my problem areas were and how to create a better end result. Thank you for all you have done for me during this course. You have gone above and beyond and I appreciate it so much.

Kyla S. – Vanderhoof BC – July, 2013

I liked how the procedures for gel and acrylics were listed. The pre-service procedure, procedure, post-procedure, reading it all the first time not knowing much is a bit confusing if you don’t understand what all the products and terms are but reading those lists clears everything up! Loved how I could take the course at home so I can still work full time and take care of my daughter… makes it very flexible but yet a lot of time to get it done. If I had any questions usually the next day I got an answer back from the teacher so it didn’t delay any of my progress ! Thank you for offering this course, I just ordered my products they were here in 3 days, I picked them up Tuesday and by Wednesday evening I had 3 booked clients for that same week! Lots of knowledge and time was put in to this course to make it manageable for some many people. Thank you!

Kristyne E. Fort McMurray AB – May, 2013

I really appreciated the in depth course material. I found each chapter very easy to understand and it contained a lot of useful knowledge for your everyday life. I also liked how the module had a video along with the picture slides for each assignment.

Lisa G- Amhurst NS – February, 2013

The course content was well put together.

Jessica J – Nanaimo BC – November, 2012

The way everything was laid out and so much learned. The material and videos were great. Knowledgeable and explained well. I liked everything in the course and all the extras. This course had way more than expected very informative as well. I want to say thank you for EVERYTHING!

Katrina LB – Bellevue SK – July 2012

The constructive criticism for the practical assignments as well as the confidence boosters on jobs well done. The fact that if I needed help with anything, it didn’t take long for the instructor to contact me back and they did the best to help me understand so that I could finish the assignments the best I could. Overall I learnt a lot from the course, I enjoyed it and had lots of fun.

Shannon M – Vancouver Island BC – June, 2012

The theoretical portion of this course was excellent and thoroughly prepared us for the practical assignments. The course itself has been set up to accommodate your own personal time availability and allows you to work at your own pace without any time constraints. This makes it feasible for everyone to finish assignments and prepare and write the tests and exams. For either stay at home moms, or those of us who work fulltime and are looking for either a career change or an opportunity to supplement their income, this course gives you the opportunity to do so. Cheryl was available 24/7 and was always extremely helpful and prompt in answering any questions I had. Great course + great encouragement + fabulous assistance = a new career with limitless possibilities.

Thank you so much Cheryl and much success and happiness to you.

Yuko R Lake Country BC – June 2012

Thank you for helping me to finish the course. I didn’t have time to go to school since I have a baby at home, so I really liked to study at home when I had time at night time or on the weekends.

Crystal D. Healy Alaska – January, 2012

I think that everything was fantastic. I loved everything. I was very pleased. I felt like I received more than my monies worth. I feel confident and capable. I love that everything was so thorough. I think that the teaching tools and hands on was fantastic and helped. The testing definitely helped with my memory and ability to put that to work. I also loved the feedback. How it was recorded and it was in my home and personal. Very excellent. I can’t pinpoint just one or two strong points I think it was all well thought out and helpful. I loved it all. I can’t pick or choose one more than the other. Everything was equally fantastic. I think the teacher has to be superior for the class to succeed and be outstanding so if I have to pick one I would say that Cheryl was amazing. Thank you for the time and dedication you spent on this for people like me. I couldn’t have done this had I had to leave my home, since I have young children. This is a HUGE blessing and has been worth every penny and minute spent. I hope that you get additional benefits and blessings from it because you deserve it. To offer your time and something amazing like this is truly awesome. THANK YOU!!

Christie F. Townsend Ontario – January, 2012

Loved the easy to follow instruction and the constructive criticism on all assignments given by video.

Rosanna H. Hope BC – January, 2012

Loved the course. Very interesting. I loved it and now feel in withdrawal. I want another online course to do.

Bev M – Ontario – January, 2012

Very well explained. Easy to understand information. Good setup of question style. The one on one information when I had a problem, she was prompt with an answer and always super fast at getting back to me. I would like to thank Cheryl for the great course she has put together. A pleasure working with her and would highly recommend this to anyone interested. I am happy I took this adventure.

Dale H – Saskatchewan – January, 2012

Course material very informative – Exams made you think and were not all that easy – Instructor was awesome, very knowledgeable and helpful and was always available to answer any questions.

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