Twyla’s Story

I never was the “typical” girl growing up, while I played with Barbie’s, I wasn’t into “frilly stuff” and was not big on wearing dresses… much to my mother’s dismay.

Growing up on a farm outside a tiny town with a population of less than 500, and 3 hrs from the city, I never thought “Hey I want to be a Nail Technician”. Sure I tossed around the idea of becoming a hair dresser, as I did love to do my hair and my sisters, but nails? I can’t even really remember wearing much nail polish at all, other than clear polish or when I had my nails done for my High School Graduation.

There were so many things I dreamed of doing. I always did want my own business, (since becoming a movie star or famous singer didn’t seem feasible,) but wasn’t sure if I would become a vet, open up my own theme style diner, a hair salon or some type of antique store. Surprisingly, I didn’t do any of those. I did go to college for Business management, worked a variety of jobs which never seemed to “fulfill me” and I also got married in 2001.

It wasn’t until the fall of 2005 that I thought about becoming a Nail. However, with having a small baby, I couldn’t travel to the city for training. So I put my Nail Tech dream on hold for what I thought would only be a year or two.

By the fall of 2014 I was 38 yrs old, a stay at home mom of 3 daughters, and feeling restless. I wanted to do something that I had a passion for, and would allow me to work from home. So I searched the net to see if I could find any “on-line” training that could at least give me a head start on becoming a Nail Tech.

The name “Mirage Spa Education Canada” seemed to jump at me from the page, and once I was done reading the site information, I was as excited as a child getting a puppy for Christmas! On Dec.28th 2014 I submitted my application to Mirage for the “Fully Qualified Nail Technician” course, and by 2pm Dec. 29th 2014 I was working on my 1st module theory.

To say I was blown away by the amount of detail and information provided in the course by Mirage, would be a great understatement. The fact that I was able to train right from the comfort of my own home, and be there for my children.. Priceless! I discovered I had a knack for creating nail enhancements and loved the whole learning process. Even though I was first nervous about the theory portion, (it had been 20 years since I was last in school) I managed to pull off excellent marks! The staff were all so helpful and supportive and only a phone call away. Mirage also had an excellent payment plan, which allowed me to keep on with my studies, and work at my own pace.

Knowing what I know now, thanks to my training with Mirage, I am so glad I had decided against taking a “2-day-get certified” course that was offered locally.

On Jan 11th 2016 I officially became a graduate of Mirage Spa Education Canada! Hanging on my wall are all my hard earned certificates, copies of my marks, and now a few other certificates from some extra art classes I have taken. On a business level, things have been slow, not only due to the economy, but due to what seems like a surplus of nail techs in the area. However, I have always said “Do what you have to, until you can do what you want”.

This is still my motto, and I will keep on taking care of the few clients I do have, remembering an important key to being a great tech “Quality over Quantity”. I plan on continuing my education at every chance I get as the Nail industry is forever changing. Because of the excellent knowledge and training I learned from my course with Mirage, my path to becoming a great Nail Technician has become a journey I am happy and prepared to take.

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