Sara Sawicki's Story

At the age of 15 I was bouncing from specialist to specialist just looking for answers as to why my body hurt so bad and why it came on suddenly. When I was 16 the doctors all agreed upon a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Which at the age of 27 is, sadly, not my only physical disability.

Fast forward to my adult life, I could not hold down a job. With disabilities and a weakened immune system, employer’s either didn’t want to hire me or after hiring me, looked for any reason to let me go. I lost out on several jobs because I got sick, one employer, on my probationary review, actually had the nerve to tell me my coworkers thought I was “too girly” for the job. If you knew me and knew how I grew up, you would know that I am as far from girly as it gets. My makeup is mascara, and my only other joy as a woman is to always have my nails done.

My nail technician in 2013, moved away and I decided that it was time for me to learn to do this for myself. Soon after, I realized I was surprisingly good at doing nails and really enjoyed doing them, so I started doing nails for friends and family. This was something my body could handle! So, I decided it was time to get educated!

In September of this year I officially started my own business, I set my own hours, I decide how many clients I have on any given day, and I don’t have to beg anyone for forgiveness when I need to take time to care for myself.

Business is slow, but I am in a small town and everyone must start somewhere! At Christmas, with all the other salons being booked solid or taking holidays of their own, I had the chance to gain some new clients and I love all the fun and exciting requests that are coming my way!

I am forever grateful for Mirage Spa Education for allowing me the ability to work at my own pace from the comfort of my own home! I never would have been able to complete my education without their compassion and flexibility. I am so happy with how far I have come in the last 12 months and am so excited to see what my future as a nail technician holds! I am always exploring new areas of the trade and further expanding my education to be the best the I can be!

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