Spa Therapy 300 hour program

“Spa Therapy” phrase presently signifies a wide range of treatments, which may or may not be associated with aqua (water) therapy. The word Spa was used in the past in reference to water treatment. SPA stands for “Solus Per Aqua” which means health from water and is the inspiration of our brand which are the alchemical symbols for Sun and Water.

The most popular spa treatment by far, is massage. It has been around for thousands of years and has a number of health benefits.

The two most popular massages are Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.  Swedish massage typically covers the whole body with firm strokes but without much deep, focused work.  Deep tissue massage will use firmer pressure and also include focused work on areas that are especially tight.  Another massage offering on most menus is an aromatherapy massage, which uses essential oils to achieve different purposes, most commonly relaxation


Other popular spa treatments include body treatments like salt glows and body wraps.     The basic body scrub exfoliates your outermost, dead skin cells with a salt scrub (rougher), a sugar scrub (gentler) or some other exfoliant, like coffee grounds or fruit enzymes that gently loosen the inter-cellular bonds. A body scrub can be a stand-alone treatment, but it is often combined with a body wrap that is either hydrating (adding moisture to the skin) or detoxifying  (anything with clay, mud or seaweed).

 Some spas, usually have signature services or offer packages  that might combine several different treatments:    a body scrub followed by a hot stone or regular massage, for instance.

 Spa Therapy

This Spa Therapy course is delivered online via video training and through the textbook.  This comprehensive program will ensure you will learn all that is required to become a Professional Spa Therapist. Model waivers are included as a download so you can gain your practical experience. Many of our students have found a Salon/Spa of their choice to offer their services as an apprentice to gain hands on training. Mirage Spa is registered with PTIB.  Please check with your local governing body to ensure Canadian Credentials are accepted.


Chapter 1 –    History From Europe to America

Chapter 2 –    Water and Water Therapy

Chapter 3 –    Baths and Bathing

Chapter 4      Showers

Chapter 5      Touch and Massage

Chapter 6      Introduction to Aromatherapy

Chapter 7      Client Preparation and Room Setup

Chapter 8      Body Treatments and Treatment Development

Chapter 9      Exfoliation

Chapter 10    Mud Treatments

Chapter 11    Seaweed Treatments

Chapter 12    Other Treatments

Chapter 13    Home Care

Practical Sections of the course

Part 1:Water and Water Therapy / Baths and Bathing / Showers / Tub Treatments
Part 2: Aromatherapy massage and and Essential Oils
Part 3: Body Treatments / Exfolliation / Mud / Clay / Seaweed / Spot Treatments / Hot and Cold Treatments


Based on 300 hour program

Price: $3,000.00

Payments: Payment Plan Available
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“This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. As such, the registrar did not review this program”.

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