When I was a young girl I LOVED to play with makeup – and nail polish – my male Doberman had the prettiest purple toenails you ever saw. I think that was the start of it all – this is my (Cheryl’s) story

I remember one night while babysitting – I was sitting with my girlfriend and we were dreaming of what we were going to do or be when we grew up. I vividly remember telling her I was going to get married, have 2 children (a boy first, then a girl) with blond hair, blue eyes and be about 2 years apart. I was going to be in the beauty industry, I didn’t want to be a hairdresser – but I knew I would be something. I was 12 years old at the time.

1936453_139155066619_3749863_nI married very young and had two children 27 months apart and of course, I had a boy and a girl both blonde with blue eyes. Now to fulfill my next dream – my career.

I went off to school in another province, as there was no school for Esthetics where I lived, only hairdressing. It was the most difficult thing I did as I had to leave my young children. So I went to school day and night and completed my year long course in months with a 97%.

While I was away at school I received a call from a salon back home offering me a job upon my return. Now that I think about it- that was a miracle in itself. I had never heard of this salon nor did I know the people (who were from Brazil) or how they found me – I never questioned I was just happy to have a job.

I came home and started immediately. I soaked up every dribble of their experience (they were European trained). In a short time I went off on my own and started my own salon.

From there I opened a registered private trade school – so others would not have to leave their home or families to pursue their dreams.

Since then I have owned several salon/spas, tanning salons, nail salons and have had a school since 1983.

I have continued to advance my education and still to this day I take a minimum of 3-5 workshops or classes a year.

In 2009 I launched online classes, which is how the courses are delivered today.

Now, after reading my story (in brief) it may seem everything I had ever dreamed of fell into place and I lived a Cinderella Life.

Although, YES I did accomplish my childhood dream it has not been easy. Hardships and challenges face you every day. That’s life….. and every day you are faced with choices and decisions. Some easy, some extremely difficult. There were times when I didn’t think I could ever make it through. My marriage ended shortly after I returned from school and I was faced with raising my children as a single mother. I thank God for that every day because having to support them is sometimes the only thing that kept me going. Quit – did I ever want to quit – Absolutely – there was a time I recall when I wrote sticky notes and put them everywhere throughout my home that read

“ONE SECOND AT A TIME” Because my life was such a struggle at that time a second was all I could bare.

I guess what I would like to say is KEEP GOING – DON’T QUIT whatever it is you dream of – its yours to have.

That’s all I did was I kept going, and I’m still going today.

So enjoyed judging this!
So enjoyed judging this!


Giving back – yes – give back! However you can. Whether it’s a smile, a kind word, a hug when needed – or in a financial way – be a friend – be kind- and you will be blessed beyond belief.

screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-3-37-43-pmI know through my career there have been people who have chosen to quit, but I also know how many have succeeded. I don’t just mean in their careers, I mean in life.  You will have thousands of people cross your path throughout your career and YOU may be their difference. You never know whose life you will affect or how, so be your best.

One of my great joys has been to help hundred’s of ladies with a creative gift become their own boss or get a job in a salon to be able to support their own families. If you think this is a career path for you too – let’s chat!


My family today!
My family today!


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