Sally Wolfe Success Story

Prior to starting my career in nails, I was a Personal Banker for 14 years, an Early Childhood Educator for 2 years and most recently, a Certified Teachers Aide for 5 years. While I was working at the school, I decided to look at taking a nail course after my daughter and I had had our nails done for an event. I’d always loved painting my nails, and the idea of doing enhancements intrigued me. Initially, I had thought that a weekend course is what I would be looking for. Then I discovered the Mirage Spa Education distance program website and I was impressed with how comprehensive the material appeared. And I wasn’t disappointed. Not only did I learn how to do acrylic and gel nails, but manicuring and pedicuring, and the ins and outs of chemistry, basic electricity, disinfection/sanitization and e-filing techniques. It was all encompassing and very thorough.

Was it my intention to start a business? Not exactly. I had thought that I’d do my nails and my daughter’s, and maybe a few friends. By the time that I graduated in April of 2014, I was doing nails in the evenings after my full time job and it was starting to click. As an artsy person, I soon discovered that nail art came very easily to me, and through word of mouth, my little side business grew. I took a year’s leave of absence from my job and grew my nail business to the point that I didn’t have to return to my school job the following year. I was now running my own successful, very busy nail salon! At the age of 44, I had found my calling–using my artistic abilities to make a living. I officially opened my at-home salon (Nail Nirvana) on May 1st of 2014 and three years later, my client book is full, wait list is closed and I get up every single day feeling like I’m not actually working because I enjoy what I do THAT much.
I thank my lucky stars every day and feel so blessed to have found Mirage Spa Education Canada and to have taken the leap the day that I signed up for the Fully Qualified Artificial Nail Technician program. I can’t say enough good things about Cheryl and her crew at the school. The support, knowledge and encouragement was excellent and so appreciated! The program is well laid out and easy to follow while still being demanding skill-wise and the fact that I could complete it while working full time made my goal attainable.

Highly highly recommended in my opinion! Thanks again to Cheryl and all of her staff!

Sally Wolfe – Peace River Alberta

my Facebook page is

and my Instagram is @nailnirvana2014

Bev McDonald’s Success Story

I am the most simple person that doesn’t like shiny or anything pretty!  Hmmmmmmm and I love to do nails. Here is my story.

I have never been one for a lot  of makeup, shiny jewelry or fancy clothes. I live in a small town hours from any large city. Lived in the bush all of my life enjoying the simple things in life like fishing, camping, hunting and enjoying the -40 winter days ice fishing and snow machining. I was a very young mother and did home day care all my life while our children were young. As they graduated I realized it was time for me to do something I had my eye on for years. I went back to school to graduate and start to look at a career in  nail care.  But how would I manage to be away from home to go to school miles away. One evening while looking I found a place Online!  Really !!!  I was so pleased to find a place that I could get a nail tech diploma, not just a certificate. Mirage Spa!  Wow the excitement started. I couldn’t get my first module in the mail fast enough.

I worked at each module day after day to complete it. Any questions I had, Cheryl was only a phone call away. She is absolutely fantastic. Upon completion, I could not wait for my certification to arrive in the mail to hang in my office.

Six years ago I started out with a few friends that now have turned into a full time hobby job. I look forward everyday to seeing all my old and new friends that come through the door. Every set of nails I do comes with a great visit. Love Love Love it!

Never a day goes by that I don’t look forward to seeing people. Everyday I create  new  fun sets of nails. Over the years I have built a very good customer base. My nails are recognized around town. I love when people notice fun nails and know exactly where they got them done.

Everyone has a unique style and everyone likes different styles, so for the few people that say there are too many shops in one town. Not True.

Signing up in Mirage Spa was the best thing I have ever done.

So now I have one last step in my nail process and that is making a trip to Vancouver to meet the lady that helped me make this all possible. I will meet Cheryl this month. I can’t wait!



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Danielle Friesen’s Story

Danielle Friesen’s Story

Before deciding to become a nail technician I was a stay at home Mom of two little girls. My husband had worked out of town for the past eight years and with his job slowing down he came home. Having my nails done was something I loved but had to let go of as it was not a necessity. I felt odd without nails for the first time in years. I was trying to think of something I could do to boost our financial situation a bit and I thought of becoming a nail technician. I love art and as a bonus I could use the products to do my own nails.
When I looked into schooling I found that there were no available courses in my area. I would not have been able to leave home for the time it took to complete a course. I looked online and found Mirage Spa Education. This seemed to be the best rout to take so I enrolled into the online Fully Qualified Nail Technician course. I loved how convenient the course was. I was able to work on it when I could and take the time I needed. The curriculum was interesting and thorough. I really appreciate how much they stressed proper cleaning and sterilization. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The videos critiquing my work were so helpful! Everything was covered so I was fully prepared to start my career once I finished the course.
After completing the course I opened my business (Trabbit Nail Creations) in a room I rented out of a quaint little flower shop. Building clientele in a small town, that already had a few nail technicians, was a bit of a slow start. I let my work speak for itself, advertised a few times online, relied heavily on word of mouth and my clientele began to grow. The slow progression of clients allowed me to perfect my work, speed and customer service. I have had my business for over a year now and am quite busy and love it!
It’s so important for me to be able to set my own hours. This is a perfect job for me and I am so grateful to have found a course that covered everything I needed to know. Mirage Spa Education is a fantastic way to get an online education!
You can check out my work on my Facebook page- Trabbit Nail Creations or follow me on Instagram- trabbitcreations

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Twyla Martin’s Story

Twyla’s Story

I never was the “typical” girl growing up, while I played with Barbie’s, I wasn’t into “frilly stuff” and was not big on wearing dresses… much to my mother’s dismay.

Growing up on a farm outside a tiny town with a population of less than 500, and 3 hrs from the city, I never thought “Hey I want to be a Nail Technician”. Sure I tossed around the idea of becoming a hair dresser, as I did love to do my hair and my sisters, but nails?  I can’t even really remember wearing much nail polish at all, other than clear polish or when I had my nails done for my High School Graduation.

There were so many things I dreamed of doing. I always did want my own business, (since becoming a movie star or famous singer didn’t seem feasible,) but wasn’t sure if I would become a vet, open up my own theme style diner, a hair salon or some type of antique store.  Surprisingly, I didn’t do any of those. I did go to college for Business management, worked a variety of jobs which never seemed to “fulfill me” and I also got married in 2001.

It wasn’t until the fall of 2005 that I thought about becoming a Nail.  However, with having a small baby, I couldn’t travel to the city for training.  So I put my Nail Tech dream on hold for what I thought would only be a year or two.

By the fall of 2014 I was 38yrs old, a stay at home mom of 3 daughters, and feeling restless.  I wanted to do something that I had a passion for, and would allow me to work from home.  So I searched the net to see if I could find any “on-line” training that could at least give me a head start on becoming a Nail Tech.

The name “Mirage Spa Education Canada” seemed to jump at me from the page, and once I was done reading the site information, I was as excited as a child getting a puppy for Christmas! On Dec.28th 2014 I submitted my application to Mirage for the “Fully Qualified Nail Technician” course, and by 2pm Dec. 29th 2014 I was working on my 1st module theory.

To say I was blown away by the amount of detail and information provided in the course by Mirage, would be a great understatement. The fact that I was able to train right from the comfort of my own home, and be there for my children.. Priceless!  I discovered I had a knack for creating nail enhancements and loved the whole learning process. Even though I was first nervous about the theory portion, (it had been 20 years since I was last in school) I managed to pull off excellent marks!  The staff were all so helpful and supportive and only a phone call away.  Mirage also had an excellent payment plan, which allowed me to keep on with my studies, and work at my own pace.

Knowing what I know now, thanks to my training with Mirage, I am so glad I had decided against taking a “2-day-get certified” course that was offered locally.

On Jan 11th 2016 I officially became a graduate of Mirage Spa Education Canada! Hanging on my wall are all my hard earned certificates, copies of my marks, and now a few other certificates from some extra art classes I have taken. On a business level, things have been slow, not only due to the economy, but due to what seems like a surplus of nail techs in the area.  However, I have always said “Do what you have to, until you can do what you want”.

This is still my motto, and I will keep on taking care of the few clients I do have, remembering an important key to being a great tech “Quality over Quantity”.  I plan on continuing my education at every chance I get as the Nail industry is forever changing.  Because of the excellent knowledge and training I learned from my course with Mirage, my path to becoming a great Nail Technician has become a journey I am happy and prepared to take.

Twyla MArtin

desk twyla MArtin


Susan Lanigan’s Story

Susan Lanigan

Not unlike many little girls, I had an affinity for beauty.  Certainly close to driving my Mother to madness, I cut all my Barbie’s hair, ‘did’ their make up, and painted their nails.  With fair certainty, I figured I knew all the tricks to make a woman look even more stunning than she already was.

Hair was important to me and I began having mine ‘streaked’ (as they called it) in the early 80’s.  Then came nails.  Always a fascination, I’d watch my nail tech create stunning pink and whites.  I adorned these for many, many years.

It’s funny thinking about it now, we wouldn’t have dreamed having anything else on our nails but pink and whites.  Even when we wanted polish; they still went over the pink and whites!

In 2002, I found myself relocating back to BC after having been in Saskatchewan for 4 years.  Newly divorced, and with three children, I’d had the luxury of being a stay at home Mum.  Now that the three children were all in school, I thought, “What am I going to do to best support myself and still be available to the children?”

I was fortunate at that time to have a bit of money tucked away and I pondered on what to do so I could either stay at home, or be close to home.

When I found my New Nail Tech in town, she encouraged me to look into training as a Nail Tech myself.  There were several choices to ponder, but I decided on a certified trade school that was then called Spa One Naturally.  My education was exceptional. Even after I had graduated, the support I received was ongoing.

While I didn’t become a full time Nail Tech, I always had a small handful of clients and worked primarily as a mobile tech, or from my home.   This worked perfectly for my family.

The industry had just become deregulated just as I obtained my education, and I saw such a decline in the standards of the industry.  The Non Standardized Salons (NSS) popped up every where.  It seemed that many of the clientele didn’t have the good sense to question the practices, only the prices.

Sitting on the sidelines, practicing the high standards taught in school, I became passionate about preaching ‘the basics’ of nail technology.  Health, sanitization, proper nail preparation, and style and structure.

I continued to take ongoing education to further my knowledge.  The internet exploded with a plethora of good (and not so good) sources of information and education for teaching practices.

In 2009, my Nail Tech Educator took her school and developed an online school.  This blew my mind!  Had I not been so fortunate to have the time and resources when I did, I’d have never been able to become a Nail Tech.  Now, with online education, it opens up the possibilities to so many who may not have the time, means or location for good quality education. The thing about the school she created, is that it was the only online school that was a registered trade school. THAT was worth taking notice of.

In 2011, Cheryl approached me and asked if I would join her team.  With a discerning eye and calming voice, I spent hours pouring over student assignments that came in the mail. Creating short videos on each assignment, bringing attention to the strengths and areas of improvement of their work.  Sometimes just a phone call, and additional video, or a Skype session is just what it takes when a student is struggling, and is all they need to feel like they were right in the classroom.  I feel  good about helping teach the foundational skills in nail technology.  I remain with the school today as the Director of Student Assessments.

My passion for nails is unending.  I still and will always attend as many educational sessions as I can, as we are forever evolving and changing in the industry.  The movement of bringing back standards and Health and Safety guidelines is paramount as we teach men and women the foundations in nail technology.

My ‘handful’ of clients has grown substantially and I’ve also become a certified Eyelash Technician.  What can I say?  I love my client’s reactions after we finish a set of sculpted nails, or given her a pair of stunning lash extensions!


beige-nails   lashef-b-a

Cheryl Thibault’s Story

When I was a young girl I LOVED to play with makeup – and nail polish – my male Doberman had the prettiest purple toenails you ever saw. I think that was the start of it all – this is my (Cheryl’s) story

I remember one night while babysitting – I was sitting with my girlfriend and we were dreaming of what we were going to do or be when we grew up. I vividly remember telling her I was going to get married, have 2 children (a boy first, then a girl) with blond hair, blue eyes and be about 2 years apart. I was going to be in the beauty industry, I didn’t want to be a hairdresser – but I knew I would be something. I was 12 years old at the time.

1936453_139155066619_3749863_nI married very young and had two children 27 months apart and of course, I had a boy and a girl both blonde with blue eyes. Now to fulfill my next dream – my career.

I went off to school in another province, as there was no school for Esthetics where I lived, only hairdressing. It was the most difficult thing I did as I had to leave my young children. So I went to school day and night and completed my year long course in months with a 97%.

While I was away at school I received a call from a salon back home offering me a job upon my return. Now that I think about it- that was a miracle in itself. I had never heard of this salon nor did I know the people (who were from Brazil) or how they found me – I never questioned I was just happy to have a job.

I came home and started immediately. I soaked up every dribble of their experience (they were European trained). In a short time I went off on my own and started my own salon.

From there I opened a registered private trade school – so others would not have to leave their home or families to pursue their dreams.

Since then I have owned several salon/spas, tanning salons, nail salons and have had a school since 1983.

I have continued to advance my education and still to this day I take a minimum of 3-5 workshops or classes a year.

In 2009 I launched online classes, which is how the courses are delivered today.

Now, after reading my story (in brief) it may seem everything I had ever dreamed of fell into place and I lived a Cinderella Life.

Although, YES I did accomplish my childhood dream it has not been easy. Hardships and challenges face you every day. That’s life….. and every day you are faced with choices and decisions. Some easy, some extremely difficult. There were times when I didn’t think I could ever make it through. My marriage ended shortly after I returned from school and I was faced with raising my children as a single mother. I thank God for that every day because having to support them is sometimes the only thing that kept me going. Quit – did I ever want to quit – Absolutely – there was a time I recall when I wrote sticky notes and put them everywhere throughout my home that read

“ONE SECOND AT A TIME” Because my life was such a struggle at that time a second was all I could bare.

I guess what I would like to say is KEEP GOING – DON’T QUIT whatever it is you dream of – its yours to have.

That’s all I did was I kept going, and I’m still going today.

So enjoyed judging this!

So enjoyed judging this!


Giving back – yes – give back! However you can. Whether it’s a smile, a kind word, a hug when needed – or in a financial way – be a friend – be kind- and you will be blessed beyond belief.

screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-3-37-43-pmI know through my career there have been people who have chosen to quit, but I also know how many have succeeded. I don’t just mean in their careers, I mean in life.  You will have thousands of people cross your path throughout your career and YOU may be their difference. You never know whose life you will affect or how, so be your best.

One of my great joys has been to help hundred’s of ladies with a creative gift become their own boss or get a job in a salon to be able to support their own families. If you think this is a career path for you too – let’s chat!


My family today!

My family today!


Maisie Dunbar talks about Mirage Spa Education and Spa One on Periscope


Spaone LogoSpa One in conjunction with Mirage Spa education, proudly present the amazing Maisie Dunbar live on Periscope at the:

Spa One / Mirage Spa office in beautiful British Columbia.


3pm, PST Wednesday 7th September 2016

Whats on?

Tune in to see the incredible Maisie Dunbar discuss education and the Spa One product line, live from its Canadian headquarters. Seems like she is having fun with Cheryl Thibault north of the border!

Click here for live link: @maisiedunbar

Maisie Pic

Circle and trialngle

Using Spa One products

January Mini Nail Art Competition

So I am going to do this one alittle differently, I am going to have categories.

Category 1 – free hand

Category 2 – 3D

Category 3- wildest whatever


1)Spa One products only and listed

2)pictures must be clear and sent as a jpeg to

3) 2 entries per category per person

4) have fun!

Contest will run from now until Jan 31st and winner will be announced shortly after.

This is open to both graduates and current students. Have fun these contests are just to show off what you have learned and are good practice. The free products you could win (products are my choice so varies) help with the next contest and are a good way to build up your supplies. Free is good right?? 🙂