About Mirage Spa Education

My name is Cheryl Thibault: Head Instructor, Owner, and Visionary for Mirage Spa Education

My History
I have been in the spa business since 1981, and have owned and operated a training center since 1983. I have seen many changes in the industry, believe me. Manicures used to be the only nail service offered when I first began. Then came porcelain nails…WOW they were something; it was like wearing Chiclets’ on the ends of your fingers. There was no such thing as an electric file, so everything was done by hand. The products were not as advanced as they are today, so believe me…. it was a JOB. It really did take three to five hours to do someone’s nails. Only women of wealth could afford the nails and the full day off it took to have them done. So when I began my career, getting your nails done was only for the wealthy.

Not today! I have clients getting their nails done (manicures) as young as five years-old. We even offered spa birthday parties. It seems today no one is too young to enjoy the luxury of nail services.

As well as manicures, of course, are nail enhancements. As I stated before, when I first began my career only the wealthy wore enhancements, but today it seems more people have their nails done than don’t.

The nail industry is one of the fastest growing industries today, grossing over $7.47-billion in 2013 — and that number grows larger every day. This industry is truly recession proof. Why not jump onboard?

My Vision
I believe strongly in the spirit of reciprocity…for as much as you are given, you must return that same to the world, trusting that it will in turn help someone else; knowing, they will continue to bring the spirit of goodness full circle.

My mission and vision for the future is what has inspired me to commit my career to passing my extensive knowledge within the cosmetology industry onto my students. My goal is to create a positive difference in the lives of others, not only by helping them visualize their dream, but also by positively affecting the industry standards, and the public’s perception of this very rewarding career.

After several years in development, I am proud to offer you the: Online – At Home Learning – Nail Technician Course.

The Courses
This Nail Technician Course stands alone in the market. It is quoted as being “OUTSTANDING”, “BY FAR THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE COURSE ON THE MARKET”.

Our graduates rave about the course, and other students that have tried other courses have enrolled into ours, stating they just never learned enough from the previous course.

When I was asked by one of the governing bodies of the school, (The Department of Continuing Education, BC) how I was able to develop such a comprehensive curriculum, I simply replied…. “I just developed what I knew they needed to learn”. Just that simple! This is what you need to learn to become a Nail Technician.

I am always just a phone call or email away, for any support or questions you may have.

New Courses Developed
I am always developing new courses, so you can come back and upgrade any time you like. Graduates of our program will receive a discount on our future courses.

You will be more than pleased when you graduate from our School. You will be confidant to get out there, and show your skills to the world.

What are you waiting for… Let me help you make your dream a reality. I’m here for you.

Recognizing the need for professional development, Cheryl has acquired certification in many other areas:

  • Esthetics / Cosmetology / Glycolic Skin Care Treatments
  • L’estrel Skin / Body Care and Make Up / Advanced Make-up
  • Pharmagel Skin and Body Care / Body Spa Therapy
  • Spa One Skin and Care
  • Advanced Lymphatic Drainage / Aromatherapy
  • Ear Coning / Candling
  • Inverness Clean & Easy Waxing System / Advanced Waxing
  • Brazilian Waxing
  • Basic & Advanced Gel, Sculpting & Tips / Electric File
  • Advanced Nail Technology / Sculptured Acrylic Nails / Fiberglass Nails
  • Akzentz Nail Products (Acrylic, Gel, Fibreglass, Silk, Light Cured, Odorless, Quick Dip)
  • Spa One Nail Products
  • Basic and Advanced Spa Manicure & Pedicure
  • Pedique Advanced Artificial Nail Replacement
  • Nail Art Hand Painting / Air Brush Nail and Body Art / Crystal Culture
  • Seasonal Color Analysis
  • Fitness Instructor Certificate / Fitness and Nutrition
  • Eurowave Inch Loss / Contour Body Wraps
  • Eye lash Extensions

I am a certified instructor – graduating with honors – from National Association of Career Colleges; I have written and currently hold copyrights on many training manuals for the related topics of health, Beauty and Fitness. All of this, of course, is used at the Education Center.

Further, I have been featured in many publications and am on the cover of a book produced by the Government of Saskatchewan called “Starting a Business in Saskatchewan”. I was also featured on a four-part special (TV) program called “Making Your Dreams Come True”. Today I am still asked to speak on those topics. I will be judging the Canada Nail Cup Competition in Canada

Currently, I own and operate a Private Trade School in Victoria, BC. To date have graduated over a thousand students, setting the standard within this industry, providing the highest quality of Education as well as motivation for all my students and graduates.

Mirage Spa PTIB Certification